In the face of extreme intolerance and hatred, we feel the need to affirm that Black Lives Matter. Orchestra performances are often steeped in bias towards white people. We have been a part of that tradition, and we are actively working to change and be better, to be the joyful, inclusive community musical voice of our city, state and nation. Serenata has always been about inclusivity and participation, and we will strive to find ways that fight racism, through programming and other practices. We hear you and see you, and will be better in the future. 

Serenata Orchestra is a growing community orchestra based in Boise Idaho and surrounding area. Please contact us if you are interested in joining. We rehearse every Tuesday evening and have seasonal performances. View our list of event dates here.

Jennifer Drake

Jennifer Drake is a conductor, violist, teacher, clinician, camp director (Idaho Viola Camp) and the fourth slowest runner in Boise. She plays in the Boise Philharmonic and Boise Baroque Orchestra, and has performed at the 33rd International Viola Congress in Reykjavik, Iceland and the International Bass Clarinet Convention in Rotterdam, Holland. Jen is also the principal violist for the Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival and is the director of Idaho Viola Camp. She has also been the cover girl for HerLife magazine. When she is not living the obviously glamorous lifestyle that being a conductor and cover girl must afford, Jen is calling the vet for the dogs, thinking of how to avoid grocery shopping, and planning trips with her husband, Chad Marvin. She has completed a 70.3 Ironman as well as RAGBRAI, the bike ride across Iowa. Jen has a Bachelor of Music in Viola Performance from Michigan State University. Despite attending MSU, Jen cannot tell you anything about the football team aside from their recent victory over the University of Michigan. Go Spartans!

Go to https://jenniferdrakemusic.com/


Looking for music lessons? We teach! Many of the Serenata musicians give private lessons.

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We welcome new members of all ages and walks of life of intermediate to advanced skill level.

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